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Own Your Faith: 10 Practical Ways to Show God’s Love

Welcome to the Own Your Faith Challenge! We believe God has great things in store for 2017 and we’re excited to partner with you in making this year the best one yet. Each month, we’ll share a new challenge that focuses on a unique area of spiritual growth to keep you committed to your goals all year long.

This month, we’re getting intentional about showing the love of Christ. We encourage you to prayerfully consider the following acts of love. Listen to what God is laying on your heart, then choose 5 out of the 10 challenges below and complete them throughout the month.

  1. Visit a Nursing Home: Make this one a family affair and bring your kids along. Most senior living communities and retirement homes welcome visitors. Spend a Saturday afternoon getting to know some of the seniors by playing board games or simply listening to their stories. Be a friend to someone who may not otherwise have the company.
  1. Be a Good Listener: When people confide in us, our first reaction can often be to try to fix their problems. But sometimes what people really need is for someone to simply listen. Identify someone in your life who is going through a challenging time and give him or her a call or drop by for a visit. Ask lots of questions and focus on truly hearing what they are telling you without offering solutions.
  1. Delight in Someone’s Success: Think of a friend or family member who has recently reached a goal or accomplished something they have been working toward. Give them a call, write them a letter or stop by and congratulate them in person. Show genuine excitement and interest in their success.
  1. Support Our Troops: There are many organizations, both nationally and locally, that send letters of support to those who are serving our country. Write a heartfelt letter of thanks to a solider and spend some time in prayer for our men and women overseas.
  1. Invest in Your Family: Sometimes we forget to love the people God put right in front of us. Plan a family game night or an outing. Show your kids, your spouse and those who care for you just how important they are. Be sure to turn off your devices and give them your undivided attention.
  1. Write a Thank You Note: Think back on who has gone out of their way to help you lately. Maybe someone watched your kids when you were in a pinch, maybe someone prayed for something you were going through. Whatever the case may be, write a thank you card to express your gratitude.
  1. Be a Spiritual Mentor: Find someone who is just getting started out in their walk with the Lord and pour into their life. This doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment, but it certainly could be. Invite them out for coffee or lunch and spend an hour meeting them where they are.
  1. Ask for Input: Whether you’re working on a home improvement project or a presentation at work, find someone and ask him or her for feedback. This is a simple way to show others that you love and respect them.
  1. Love Your Neighbor: We’re not talking metaphorically here – go love your literal neighbor! Bring them a plate of freshly baked treats, offer to help out with some yard work or invite them over for a cup of coffee.
  1. Pray in the Moment: Instead of telling someone you’ll pray for them, pray with them right then and there. Look for an opportunity to pray for someone in the moment. Grab their hands, bow your head and speak truth over their circumstances. Develop your prayer life with Christian Prayer Books.

We hope your heart is on fire for what God is going to do through you. Print off this list, highlight your areas of focus and get started on your challenges today! If you feel called to hone in on just one of these challenges, please do so. Know that any of these acts of love, no matter how big or small, will produce good fruit.

We’ll check in with you at the end of the month to hear how God used this challenge to affect change in your life and the lives of those around you. Remember to like us on Facebook for details on our upcoming challenges.

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