Helping Those Who Fought for Our Freedom

Becky Campbell and Son

Becky Campbell with her son David.

Becky Campbell founded Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (CFSRF) in 2003 after her son, David, joined the service and was deployed to Iraq. As she and her husband watched television coverage of the war, she felt a strong desire to help the children whose parents who had been killed overseas. Their nonprofit ministry provides assistance to surviving children and spouses of U.S. military service members who lost their lives in the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars. They also help severely disabled veterans.

And for the past 12½ years, the nonprofit she founded has provided more than $1.9 million in emotional, educational, financial and moral support to families of fallen heroes in the United States.

We are amazed by their strong mission to support the orphan and the widow through James 1:27. Since our partnership began in 2007, you’ve helped us donate more than $135,000 to their cause. This donation went toward student scholarships to attend a four-year college, as well as funding housing and utilities costs for families who were struggling to make their payments.

Veronica’s Story
As a teenager, Veronica Riddle planned to graduate from high school and join the Air Force, with hopes of obtaining an education while serving in the military.

Veronica and Parents at Graduation

Veronica with her parents after graduation.

In 2008, that dream was placed on hold. While on tour in Iraq, Veronica’s father, Sgt. Scott Riddle, was involved in a severe accident, suffering a broken neck and traumatic brain injury. Despite his hospitalization, a two-year gap occurred from the time Veronica’s father applied for military disability pay and received it, which put financial strain on Veronica’s family.

Due to her family’s financial hardship and father’s illness, Veronica changed her plans of joining the Air Force and remained close to home, helping her mother take care of her father.

Veronica eventually applied for college at a local university, but she was unsure of how she’d afford her education. When she learned about CFSRF through an internet search, she applied for a scholarship and was awarded with the Severely Disabled College Grant for Salisbury University. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in 2014.

Jesenya’s Story
Sgt. Ian Thomas Sanchez was doing a security sweep in Afghanistan when he was killed by an IED, or Improvised Explosive Device. His wife, Tiffany, and daughter, Jesenya, endured many struggles from the devastating loss of Ian.

One of them was the heartbreaking news of Jesenya’s brain tumor diagnosis at age 11.

Jesenya underwent surgery to remove the tumor and was in in-patient rehabilitation for two months and out-patient rehabilitation for three years. Despite her health issues, Jesenya was a full-time honor student invited to travel to Barcelona earlier this year for a language immersion trip. CFSRF paid for Jesenya’s trip through a grant from their Children’s Enrichment Program.

Did you know?
Every day, 22 military veterans commit suicide. They volunteered to serve our nation, and every 80 minutes, one of them takes their own life.

The difference is yours to make. You have an amazing opportunity to help severely disabled veterans and surviving children and spouses of fallen heroes. If you would like to support, donate $10* by texting FAMILY to 52000.

*Your one-time donation of $10 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your pre-paid balance. Message & data rates may apply.