Interview with Francesca Battistelli


FCS: Hello, Francesca, thank you for talking with us and sharing your thoughts on music, family and faith.

Francesca: Absolutely, it’s great to be talking to you!

FCS: Your music has really taken off since your debut. Congratulations on your success and Dove Award. What has that experience meant to you?

Francesca: It’s been quite a journey and one that has meant very much. I’ve learned a lot and feel so blessed to do what I do every day. I am so grateful.

FCS: You’re also married now and have a new baby. How wonderful! What can you tell us about them and their influence on your music and faith?

Francesca: My husband and son (Matthew Elijah) are my greatest joys in the world! You will definitely hear some references to them on this album. They mean everything to me.

FCS: I’m sure fans would like to know how you are balancing motherhood and family life with the demands of your profession. What’s your secret?

Francesca: No secret! Just a lot of prayer and a great support system. The three of us travel together, and that makes all the difference.

FCS: You have also just released a new CD, Hundred More Years. Tell us about the title and the prevailing theme of this album.

Hundred More Years

Francesca: Hundred More Years is a song about cherishing the sweet moments in life. Everyone’s moments are a little bit different, but it’s crucial to savor the good times. The album is definitely a snapshot of my life right now. There is definitely a theme of accepting God’s grace and reflecting on His goodness and blessings. I’m in a season where I feel so blessed, and a lot of these songs reflect that.

FCS: Your first single is “This Is the Stuff,” which is very cool; what is that song about?

Francesca: This song is fun! It talks about the everyday frustrations that we all face–traffic, losing our keys, speeding tickets, etc.–but it goes beyond that. It reminds us that it’s these little annoyances God uses to refine our character and make us more like Him. We pray to be more patient, and He gives us opportunities to learn patience.

This Is The Stuff video

FCS: Do you have a favorite song on the album that reflects what God is doing in your heart today?

Francesca: That’s tough. I love so many of them! I would say “Constant” is one of my favorites. I wrote it when I was still pregnant and touring and trying to finish the album and move all in the same month. Everything in my life felt stressful, and the song is such an honest cry of my heart, that no matter what’s happening around me, He is my constant.

FCS: Thank you again, Francesca. May God’s blessings be on you and your family as you continue your music ministry.

Francesca: Thank you so much! Blessings to you as well and thank you for all your support.