Living Water: Violet’s Story

Violet Smiling

Violet rejoices at the sight of clean water.

“Please tell everyone that my suffering ended today.” – Violet

How often do we take the simplest, yet most vital things in life, for granted? Are you conscious of how much water you use daily–whether you’re brushing your teeth, washing your hands, taking a shower or enjoying a refreshing drink?

In America, we have an abundant access to clean water. We don’t have to worry about running out or becoming sick from doing these everyday tasks. But there are still areas of the world where people don’t have the luxury of just turning a knob and having water pour out.

Some don’t even have clean water at all.

Every day when Violet used to fetch water, she wished she was in school. Three times a day, she had to walk two miles to fetch water—water that caused disease, pain, poverty and suffering.

Violet and her family needed the water to survive, even if it meant risking disease and missing school.

Then World Vision came in and drilled boreholes in her village in Zambia and everything changed. As the holes were being drilled, villagers danced, sang and laughed. Everyone wanted to touch and taste the clear, clean, refreshing water.

To them, clean water means hope. Violet will no longer be sick, with itchy sores all over her body. Violet and her friends now have a chance to go to school, rather than constantly fetching water. And now, Violet believes she can reach her goal of becoming a doctor.

World Vision not only brings health through clean water but also a new chance at life. Violet is one of a million reasons why World Vision is drilling for water across the globe, reaching one new person every 30 seconds with clean water.

And YOU can be a part of the story.

Join us and World Vision as we seek to create a better the future for people in need around the world. World Vision is committed to a goal of providing universal access to clean water by 2030, so let’s help them! Donate $10* by texting FAMILY to 52000. Or, find out more by visiting us in stores or at


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