Pray America: How You’ve Been Helping Feed Families

Last November, we shared with you how families in Guatemala were still seeing the effects a drought in 2014 had on their food supply. Many of you donated to help purchase dry ingredients, including corn, rice, beans and salt, for Pray America to distribute to the neediest families in Chichicastenango.

Your donations helped provide over 90,000 pounds of food.

Your donations helped provide over 90,000 pounds of food.

We’re thrilled to announce that your generous donations have raised enough for 1,733 food kits! Each food kit contains 52 pounds of food and will feed a family for 30–45 days.

Let’s take a closer look at how God’s amazing plan unfolded:

Winter 2015

  • Guatemalans are still seeing the effects of a drought in 2014. Ron Morin, Founder and Director of Pray America/Manos de Jesus, asks God how his ministry can be prepared if the drought returns. God responds to build a bodega, or food storehouse. Ron and his team begin to build, not knowing if they’ll have the funds to complete the project. He trusts God and acts.

Spring 2015

  • God leads Family Christian to develop a ministry plan that includes a 10-day focus on famine relief in Guatemala. We commit to match the first $25,000 that is raised by our guests.
  • We share the great news with Ron, and through tears, Ron proclaims that he now knows why God called him to build the bodega. Still without the funds to finish construction, Ron is firm in God’s plan and continues to walk by faith.
  • A man in the U.S. contacts Ron, saying God put on his heart to donate money to Pray America for a special project. Ron is overjoyed. The funds pay for the bodega’s roof.

Summer 2015

  • The bodega’s construction is complete. Now the need is to fill it with dry, natural food—corn, rice, beans and salt—that Guatemalans can survive on.

Fall 2015

  • In November, our 10-day campaign to raise funds to purchase food for the bodega kicks off. Our guests respond, and more than $50,000 is raised in donations!
  • In early December, we learn the famine crisis continues to worsen in Guatemala.
  • Ron travels to our office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He graciously accepts the funds to purchase the food for the bodega, and we celebrate God, our Provider.

January 2016

  • The dry food is purchased and begins to fill God’s bodega.
  • The last week of the month, a mission team from Family Christian travels to Guatemala to serve with Pray America. The team distributes the critically-needed food to families in famine-stricken communities—and the team’s overwhelmed by the joy and relief from each recipient. God’s provision is clear.

This is a great accomplishment, but there are still so many Guatemalans who need food, and YOU can help! Donate now >