Bible Basics: 7 Tips to Help You Read the Bible in this New Year

Stay committed to reading the Bible in one year with these tips.

January has arrived, and with it, the promise of renewal and a fresh start. We know many of you have set spiritual goals for the year ahead and we’re excited to walk alongside you during this season of growth. We also know spending more time in God’s Word is one of the most popular resolutions among believers. Stay committed to reading the Bible in one year with these tips.

Commit to Consistency
Establish a time of day that works well for you and commit that window of time to your daily Bible reading. Find a place in your home that is comfy and quiet, free of distractions, so you can focus on reading and absorbing God’s Word.

Buy a One-Year Bible
The One Year Series
of books, Bibles and devotionals are our most popular annual readers. The One Year Series will guide you through God’s Word in 365 days featuring daily passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the book of Psalms and Proverbs.

Rethink the Rules
There is more than one way to read and understand the Bible, so give yourself permission to skip around. If reading cover to cover isn’t for you, consider reading chronologically or dabbling in both the Old Testament and the New Testament every day. If you’re just getting started on your walk with God, we recommend first reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Take Down Your Thoughts
Writing is a wonderful way to explore your emotions and your faith more fully. Journal verses that stand out to you, prayer requests, how certain passages make you feel and anything else God whispers to you during these quiet moments with Him.

Ask for Accountability
Find a spiritual mentor who can check in with you periodically or encourage a friend or family member to read along with you. Allowing others in on your goal can increase your chances of achieving it.

Pray Persistently
As Christians, prayer is the cornerstone of everything we do. Set yourself up for success by laying your goals down at God’s feet and relying on Him for strength. If prayer has felt more like a burden than a blessing lately, energize your prayer life with these four tips.

Give Yourself Some Grace
We all fall short of perfection. Thankfully, we serve a gracious God who doesn’t expect us to be faultless. If you miss a day of reading, forgive yourself, pray about it and get back on track tomorrow. Don’t give up!

We hope you feel encouraged and empowered to reach your goal of reading through the Bible in 2017.

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