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Top 10 Christian Christmas Albums of 2016

Focus on the reason for the season with Christmas music that celebrates Jesus.

It’s beginning to look – and sound – a lot like Christmas! Whether you like classic carols, heartwarming hymns or old-fashioned favorites, our collection of Christmas albums will quickly become your holiday soundtrack. Celebrate the reason for the season with Christmas music that exalts the birth of our Savior.

Behold by Lauren Daigle
Behold plays like a jazzy audio time capsule of saxophones, trombones, upright bass, drums and hollow body guitars. This album showcases Lauren Daigle’s versatile vocals in a more mature and subdued context.

Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant
This album showcases Amy Grant’s classic vocals with intimate arrangements, interspersed with personal stories and holiday memories. Tennessee Christmas features an updated recording of “Tennessee Christmas” and six new songs as well as traditional favorites.

It’s Christmas! by MercyMe
Soaring emotive ballads, up-tempo music and some original compositions make this album a must-have for the holidays. It’s Christmas! is our $5 deal of the season.

Unto Us by Matthew West
Returning with his second full length Christmas album, Matthew West is back to celebrate the season with five brand new songs and some of his biggest hits. Unto Us features radio singles “A Christmas to Believe In,” “The Heart of Christmas” and “One Last Christmas.”

Christmastime by Jody McBrayer
Christmastime features Irving Berlin’s “Count your Blessings Instead of Sheep” and the John Rutter classic “Candlelight Carol.” A jazz-quartet provides the accompaniment to these familiar tunes.

12 Christmas Favorites by Bill & Gloria Gaither
Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with Bill & Gloria Gaither and their Homecoming Friends who bring to life signature performances of 12 classic Christmas favorites including “Joy To The World,” “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” “Mary, Did You Know?” and more.

He Is Christmas by Triumphant Quartet
One of Southern Gospel’s most decorated quartets releases their first Christmas recording. He Is Christmas offers a variety of classics like “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and new favorites like “Thank God for Kids” as well as some original tracks.

Top 25 Christmas Carols by Maranatha!
Maranatha’s #1 series brings you Top 25 Christmas Carols – melodies to inspire the warmth of this special time. Each track is produced in full instrumentation, many with accompanying vocals. Priced right for gift giving, Top 25 Christmas Carols is the perfect present for family and friends.

Christmas Is Here by Danny Gokey
A fast-rising country singer and songwriter, Danny Gokey shifts gears with Christmas Is Here, by performing some traditional classics for most of the songs on this holiday album. Each song on the album reverberates with the emotional honesty and life-affirming messages that have become hallmarks of his music.

A Pentatonix Christmas by Pentatonix
Grammy Award winning and multi-platinum selling recording artist Pentatonix releases their much-anticipated Christmas album. A Pentatonix Christmas features a combination of classic holiday tracks, modern favorites and some brand new originals.

These albums will get you in the Christmas spirit and inspire the whole family to spread holiday cheer.

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Interview with Michael W. Smith

The other day, I had the honor of interviewing Michael W. Smith! Enjoy!

Kristen Jeffery

Social Media Coordinator at Family Christian


FC: Hello Michael! How are you doing?


MWS:  Doing great! Thank you!


FC: Well, I know you just released your newest cd, The Spirit of Christmas, so it is only natural that we ask a Christmas question.  Can you share with us a favorite Christmas memory that you have?


MWS: Just growing up in my house…all the kids…. I mean I don’t even know where to start.  We have our traditions. Christmas is a BIG thing at the Smith house.  Just huge!   We’d pull out the Christmas albums every September 1; everyone opens a present on Christmas Eve.   A great Christmas memory is probably when I got my first red, sparkling drum set when I was 7 years old.  You know, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven!  I’ll never for forget that.


FC: Speaking of gifts, do you have a favorite gift that you received for Christmas?  I know mine was the Barbie Ice cream shop


MWS: Love that!


FC: I did too! Was yours your drum set?


MWS: Probably so.  It was a game changer for me.


FC: I heard a quote from you that in your 31-year career, The Spirit of Christmas is the most unique album you’ve created.  Can you expound on that for us?


MWS:  Well I think it’s unique because of all the people who are on it.  I’ve never actually had as many guest artists on an album in my life, other than the artists that were on the worship album that sang in my choir.  These are people that are stepping out.  I’m singing solos with them and people that are mostly not from my genre, you know Contemporary Christian music.  This is an A Level group of amazing people.  Carrie Underwood being one of them. Bono’s on the record.  I mean it’s just insane.  I’m just sort of pinching myself that we actually pulled it off.


FC: I’m sure.  When I was looking at the list of artists performing with you, it’s going to reach such a huge audience!  You’re hitting all the different tastes that people could have for the different genres of music and different talent it’s just phenomenal!


MWS:  Well I think so.  You know I think we have something really special going on.  Just take me out of the equation and I think it’s just an amazing record, just from what these people brought to the project.  It’s pretty off the charts.




FC: That sounds amazing! I know I will be picking up a few copies for my family this year.  You’ve got a tour going on this year and some confirmed tour dates for 2015 as well.  Is there anything else you are working on right now?


MWS:  No, I did an exclusive album for Cracker Barrel that I worked on and then Sovereign came out in May and then the Christmas record and it’s just like wow! 3 records in one year for me.  Pretty crazy!


FC: Here at Family Christian we believe strongly in the power of prayer.  In fact, we have a team that gathers daily to lift others up in prayer.  So how can we be praying for you right now?


MWS:  You know what, probably just it’s such a busy, busy time.  It’s pretty non-stop from now till the end of the year, till Christmas.  Just pray for my health, for protection as we travel everywhere. I think just some of those things.  Kristen, business can wear you out if you don’t watch it so please pray that I’ll get my rest and that we will all stay healthy on the road and my family as well.  Thank you very much!


FC: Thank you Michael! Have a blessed Christmas season!


Interview with Matthew West

Recently Family Christian was able to interview artist Matthew West.  Please read the interview below and be looking for his release of “Believe” on October 14th.  His single “A Christmas to Believe in” is sure to speak to your heart this Christmas season.  We are thrilled that his album is going to be available exclusively at Family Christian stores!

FC: Matthew, Hello! How are you?


MW:  I am doing great.  Thanks to you, I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since July!


FC: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.  You know we are so excited for your October 14th release of Believe.  Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your song “A Christmas to Believe in” ?


MW:  When I was asked to write a song based on this broader theme of “believe,” the first title idea that popped into my head for some reason was, “A Christmas To Believe In.”  Something just felt classic and special about that.  Then, I began to unpack all of things that title could mean.  One of the things I wrote down on my lyrics sheet one day was a list of titles that substituted other words where the word “believe” would be.  I began to think of what, sadly, Christmas might actually feel like for so many hurting people.  For the person battling depression around the holidays, they might say it’s  “A Christmas to SURVIVE.”  For the unemployed father who’s worried about providing for his family, he might be feeling like it’s “A Christmas to try to AFFORD.” For the family that’s been torn apart and is dreading the one time of year that they all have to be under one roof it could be looked at as “A Christmas to ENDURE.” And the list went on and on.  I guess this song is my wish for people, that they will be reminded this December how the word “believe” is powerful enough to erase all of those other words we might be using to describe this Christmas; that the One we believe in is strong enough to flood our hearts with hope this year and show us what a Christmas to Believe In is really like.



FC:  What is your favorite Christmas memory from your childhood?


MW:  My favorite Christmas memory is actually in the final lyrics of this song.  “It’s grandpa’s bible opened up, to Luke chapter two…”  Every Christmas morning my dad would stop us before opening all of the presents and we would read the story of the birth of Christ. There was something very centering about that moment before the chaos ensued; our hearts were brought back to the reason why each Christmas really is a Christmas to believe in.


FC:  I hear that you are currently working on your next project and I’d love to hear about it.


MW:  Yes, I’m very excited about it!  And I’m also a bit nervous.  But those are always two emotions that seem to precede every record I do, and those are two emotions that seem to always mean that something special is around the corner in my life and in my journey of faith.  With this new record, I’m a man on a mission encouraging people to become a storyTELLER, not just a storyKEEPER.  I have been encouraging folks over the past few years with my records that their life is a story that God is telling, but there is not power in simply keeping that story to ourselves, God wants to use our story to change the world.  So, I’m giving people a chance to tell me their story.  We’ve received thousands of stories at my website so far, and I’m spending two months hidden away in a cabin reading every one of them and writing the new songs!


FC:  Thanks again for your time today Matthew.  All of us here at Family Christian are incredibly honored that you wrote “A Christmas to Believe in” for us to have in our stores and online.  We want to take the time to thank you again.  We truly appreciate it.  It does mean a lot to us.


MW:  I was honored to write the song for this project, and I hope the heartbeat of the song’s message will ring true for all who get the chance to hear it this Christmas.


FC:  One last question: We believe strongly in the power of prayer and we would like to ask you how we can be praying for you.


MW:  I would appreciate your prayers for my time spent in the cabin reading stories and writing these new songs.  I want my heart to be open to what God is showing me and I am praying that I continue to write songs that tell the greatest story ever told!


FC: Thank you Matthew.  Take care and be blessed.